Bio in English


Satoko AKIO has been both a TV commentator and
a Newspaper columnist while giving lectures on
Southeast Asia at Keio University in Japan.

She has worked in broadcast journalism as an anchor person since 1985 when the newly launched program entitled “CNN Daywatch” started in Japan. She was responsible for nationwide daily night program Night Journal( NHK ),weekly Wanderes(KTV)and so on. Also she has traveled all over the world as a TV reporter as well as a presenter of radio programs. Recently she has worked as a TV commentator of the daily morning news program entitled Ichiban Express(TBS) and Super Morning(TV Asahi).

In 1990, she expanded her career into writing field in which she did research in former Eastern bloc countries such as Romania and former Czechoslovakia. Since then she became interested in the process of democratization. While she worked as an anchor, she traveled to Asian Countries under authoritarian governments such as Indonesia, Burma, Vietnam, Mainland China, and North Korea. Some of those are undergoing the transition to democratization like Taiwan, South Korea, and Thailand.

Her prime interests have been focused on the political development in Indonesia And she has closely observed it for the last seven years in Jakarta and other parts of Java, following the activities of Megawati Sukarnoputri, the eldest daughter of the founder of this country, a symbol of Democratization movement under the Suharto regime and the fifth president of Indonesia since 2001. In 2000 she won The 12th Asian Pacific Awards for the book Destined Eldest Daughter : Megawati Sukarunoputri in Indonesian Politics (Shinchosha,2000) in which she discussed current Indonesian history and the transition from authoritarianism to democratization there. Satoko AKIO is also the author of Women who pulled down the statue of Lenin ( The Simul Press,1993).

She used to be a judge of Amy Awards in Asian Region and now a member of Consultative Council for Research and Surveys on the Improvement and Enhancement of Pharmacological Education at Ministry of Education and Technology.

Satoko AKIO is also a Heroin of the Uzbek Movie entitled Oijon (which means Mother in English), the winner of Judges’ Favorite Prize in the 10th Kino Shock Film Festival 2001.